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New website launch

19 Feb 2015

Welcome to the all new The Pharmacist website! We have created all new sections, revamped the content and made it easier for you to access the articles you need: news, features, roundtable discussions and mystery patient reviews.

The website will be updated daily with all the latest news and information for independent community pharmacists with weekly news alerts sent straight to your inbox – make sure you click in and sign up as often as you can!

The Pharmacist has recently upped its frequency to a quarterly magazine – but if you think that is still too long to wait between issues, you can get a sneak preview of upcoming features online first.

All of the articles published by The Pharmacist are designed to help you enhance and expand your role to get a greater slice of the primary care pie, elevating you to trusted healthcare professional and integral to the local healthcare economy. We are always on the lookout for case studies of pharmacists who have made it their business to get out from behind the counter and interact with patients, make holistic care their business and integrate with primary care providers and commissioners. Get your voice heard and educate your peers – if the word spreads about how pharmacy can help plug the financial and access gap, it will be good news for pharmacy across the UK.

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