Community pharmacy featured in BBC election coverage


24 May 2017

Bolton pharmacist, Thorrun Govind, was interviewed by the BBC for their coverage of the general glection and which issues matter most to voters.

During the interview from a pharmacy in Lancashire, Ms Govind talked about the role of community pharmacies in the NHS and the increased pressure the sector is facing as a result of the cuts.

She told the BBC: ‘We’re helping bridge the gap between health and social care so we’re a really vital resource and we want to keep providing the service that we do.

‘This is an election issue because the cuts to community pharmacy are going to impact on our patients. If we’re worried about the NHS, we should be worried about community pharmacy.

‘We’re not handing out apples and pears; we’re handing out drugs which could potentially kill someone. We need the right amount of staff and funding so that we can make sure we can be safe,’ she said.

‘The future looks bleak; we’re going to have closures and it’s going to have an effect on the NHS.

‘If I can find a party that’s going to support local community pharmacies and value the work that we do for the NHS then they’ve definitely got me vote,’ Ms Govind said.

You can watch the footage here.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) said: ‘You can also join in the general election campaign on behalf of pharmacy by ensuring candidates better understand and recognise the vital role that pharmacists play in supporting people’s health.

‘Send your local candidates a copy of our general election toolkit and ask candidates to voice their support for pharmacy on social media (e.g. Twitter/Facebook) using the hashtag #pharmacy17 or invite them to your workplace to demonstrate first-hand how pharmacists make a real difference to their constituents’ health.’

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