Almost 300 more pharmacies have been recruited to deliver the Covid vaccine in the last month, NHS England and Improvement (NHSE&I) have said today (6 December).

This means there are 1,300 more pharmacies offering Covid vaccinations compared to February, it also said.

There are currently now nearly 3,000 vaccine sites in the country, according to NHSE&I, suggesting that around half of all sites are run by pharmacies

This comes as  Amanda Pritchard, NHS chief executive, received her Covid-19 booster and flu vaccine in a community pharmacy this morning.  

Ms Pritchard visited Junction Pharmacy in Brixton, London where she received both vaccines at the same time.  

Following her visit, Ms Pritchard commented on the ‘wonderful staff’ working at Junction Pharmacy.  

She also said that pharmacists across the country were ‘playing a key part in the rollout and they are making every contact with patients count’.  

Ms Pritchard added: ‘Thanks to the incredible efforts of NHS staff and volunteers, we have now delivered almost 100 million vaccinations, including over 17 million booster vaccines. 

‘The pandemic, sadly, isn’t over and the new Omicron variant must act as a call to arms for those who haven’t yet had their jab. 

‘When it’s your turn, please come forward -  the vaccine will give you and your loved ones the protection I have received today.’ 

Ms Pritchard is one of several officials, including prime minister Boris Johnson, to publicly receive a vaccine at a pharmacy-site this year.  

This month, NHS England increased the standard payment for Covid vaccines to £15 per vaccination, to incentivise pharmacies and GP practices to offer all boosters by January. 

Previously, the payment for pharmacies was £12.58 per vaccination. 

Meanwhile, eligibility for Covid boosters has been expanded to all over-18s in response to the Omicron variant. 

Last week, Pfizer’s chief executive said it is likely that repeat doses of the Covid booster vaccine will be necessary to maintain a high level of protection among populations. 

This comes as the Government announced it had secured more than 100 million additional doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which could be used in future booster programmes.