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Our editor-in-chief’s final blog: Goodbye for now

By Beth Kennedy

07 Feb 2020

It’s our editor-in-chief’s last day at the helm of The Pharmacist. She looks back at her time on the brand and bids a fond farewell

Well, this is it. After three wonderful years at The Pharmacist, it’s time for me to go. While I’m sad to be leaving, I’m incredibly proud of all that the brand’s achieved in that time. From fighting pharmacy’s corner when it comes to stock shortages to uncovering how the sector really feels about unannounced inspections, we’ve spent the past few years campaigning tirelessly on your behalf.

And for good reason. During my time at the brand, community pharmacy has consistently shown how resilient, adaptable, creative and – above all – passionate it is about patients and providing the best possible care. Despite funding cuts, innumerable pharmacy ministers and some less-than-satisfactory funding settlements, you contractors have kept on going – your concern for patients outweighing all else.

My last big project at The Pharmacist has been launching our Clinical Ambassadors series, which will launch soon and shines a light on all the wonderful clinical services community pharmacists are offering up and down the country and lets you know how to do the same. I really hope that you contractors will find it an invaluable resource and inspires you to kickstart your own clinical services – an essential way to boost the coffers now that the Government wants to move away from a dispensing-led model.

I never was much one for goodbyes, so it cheers me greatly that I’ll be moving to another brand for community pharmacists – don’t think you can get rid of me that easily!

So, dear readers; a toast of sorts. Here’s to you independents – your innovation, your compassion and your tireless work to improve the health of your communities. And here’s to new beginnings.

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