Clinical Ambassadors in Minor ailments

Every year, millions of patients put unnecessary strain on GP practices and A&E by seeking medical help for minor complaints such as coughs, colds, insect bites, fever, headaches and sore throats – aliments which could easily be seen by a pharmacist. Pharmacists have been calling for an NHS national minor ailments scheme for years and although Scotland is close to launching one soon, it seems to be a long way off for pharmacies in England. You can fill a big gap in the pharmacy market by offering these services to your patients and not only will you see a big increase in your revenue stream but you will also be helping to ease a large burden off the NHS.

Severn Pharmacy

Name of pharmacist: Ajay Berry.

How long have you been offering this service? Since 2019.

Windmill Pharmacy

Name of pharmacist: Rachel Potter.

How long have you been offering this service? Since 2012.

Sonichem Pharmacy

MURs are a core service for most pharmacies. But as one Leicester pharmacy is proving, it’s possible to offer patients much more than the traditional service framework dictates. Beth Kennedy reports.

Davina Pharmacy

Rachel Carter speaks to Ravi Solanki, a pharmacist at Davina Pharmacy in Tyldesley, Manchester, about how their inhaler technique service is improving local patients’ lives