Clinical Ambassadors in Seasonal health

Hay fever, sunburn and dehydration are just a few of the problems that can haunt patients during the spring and summer months. Hay fever and other allergies in particular can be stressful as well as unpleasant and patients are always looking for new treatments and advice to help them through the annual cycle of illness. In addition, the NHS no longer funds some prescription-only hay fever medication, so demand for a hay fever service has never been higher. Read below how your fellow contractors have been serving patient demand whilst helping to provide a big financial boost to their businesses.

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Keyworth Pharmacy

Name of pharmacist: Dharminder Singh.

How long have you been offering the service? Since June 2019.

Minal Pharmacy

Name of pharmacy: Minal Pharmacy.

How long have you been offering this service? Since 2018.

Fferyllwyr Pharmacy

Working in a small community brings specific challenges — ones that a pharmacy group in rural Wales  has tackled head on. Vincent Forrester reports