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Clinical Ambassadors in Women's health

Women experience a range of unique health issues and conditions. From pregnancy to menopause and other gynaecological conditions, some women may need medical treatment but often the patient may just need advice from their pharmacist on how to tackle these conditions. A women’s health service can offer advice on sexual health, contraception and the morning after pill or go beyond this to offer breast cancer screening and menopause advice. You can fill a big gap in the pharmacy market by offering these services to your patients and not only will you see a big increase in your revenue stream but you will also be helping to ease a large burden off the NHS.

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Pritchards Pharmacy, Prestatyn

Jacqueline Campbell – director, superintendent pharmacist and IP at Pritchards Pharmacy, Prestatyn – talks to Saša Janković about her oral contraception supply service.

Pyramid Pharmacy

Nikita Patel, managing pharmacist at Pyramid Pharmacy in Walthamstow, tells Saša Janković about supplying the new OTC progesterone contraceptive pill.

Clare Pharmacy

Alice Middleditch, counter assistant supervisor at Clare Pharmacy in Suffolk, talks to Saša Janković about running a sexual health service for young people. 

Selbys Pharmacy

Jagjeet Singh, superintendent pharmacist at Selby’s Pharmacy in Lindfield, West Sussex, tells to Saša Janković why continuing to run his EHC service has been so important during the pandemic.

Broadway Pharmacy

Pharmacist Bipin Patel, owner of Broadway Pharmacy in Bexleyheath, tells Saša Janković how offering an EHC service can encourage long-lasting customer loyalty.

Sheppards Pharmacy

Pharmacist and IP Gareth Hughes talks to Saša Janković about running a period delay service at Sheppards Pharmacy in Aberdare, Wales.

The Pharmacy Galleria

Helen Whittaker, support pharmacist at The Pharmacy Galleria in Pensnett, Dudley, talks to Saša Janković about running an emergency hormonal contraception service.

Tuckton Pharmacy

Silas Agyemang launched a women’s health service after receiving multiple enquiries about cystitis and uncomplicated urinary tract infections at his pharmacy in Bournemouth. 

Ruislip Manor Pharmacy

Sanjay Doegar says his pharmacy has been able to help a lot of women and young people by offering the locally-commissioned emergency contraception service.

Severn Pharmacy

Ajay Berry explains how he set up a service to support patients with UTIs.

Lifestyle Pharmacy

Bath pharmacist Nick Daines explains how his sexual health service works.

Lee Pharmacy

Al Patel talks to Rachel Carter about his Lewisham pharmacy’s pregnancy testing service.

Shah Pharmacy

Birmingham’s locally-commissioned sexual health service presented a lucrative opportunity for the team at Shah Pharmacy – and a chance to expand their clinical offering.

Zenith Pharmacy

Zenith Pharmacy has been providing sexual health services to people in Birmingham since 2015, as part of the locally-commissioned Umbrella service.

Attwood Green Pharmacy

Rachel Carter speaks to Amarachi Inechi, a pharmacist at Attwood Green Pharmacy, about delivering sexual health services in the heart of Birmingham.

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