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Clinical Ambassadors in Men’s health

Studies show that men are less likely to visit their GP than women. Common reasons include feeling uncomfortable in a GP practice and macho attitudes about seeking help. Increasingly, men are self-diagnosing and turning to the internet, which carries dangers. Pharmacies can offer men the private consultations they need where they can discuss their issues whether it be sexual health problems or erectile dysfunction. And with the rise in demand for erectile dysfunction medicines, they can also provide them with the treatments that they need. Read below how your fellow contractors set up these services and how you too could be seeing a financial monthly boost to your pharmacy profits.

Bush Pharmacy

Pharmacist Sailesh Pindolia says offering an erectile dysfunction service helps build rapport with patients, which in turn leads to more custom for the pharmacy.

Reid's Pharmacy

Rachel Carter talks to Terry Reid from Reid’s Pharmacy about how his men’s health service helps patients with erectile dysfunction.

SMS Pharmacy

Chandani Raghwani from SMS Pharmacy started an erectile dysfunction service after noticing an increase in requests for prescription medicines – especially sildenafil.

Stag Chemist

Name of pharmacist: Ted Gul.

How long have you been offering this service? Since 2019.