Clinical Ambassadors in Skincare

Specialist skincare advice has most commonly been associated with a trip to the dermatologist. But with a booming health and beauty market and advances in technology, UK pharmacists have an increasing opportunity to expand in this area. Some pharmacists are also taking advantage of the rising popularity of non-surgical cosmetic treatments and are looking at how they can offer Botox anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers as well as provide skincare treatments and advice for issues like pigmentation and acne. Read below about how your fellow contractors are leading the way in aesthetics and how you could follow suit.

Hodgson Pharmacy

Is starting an aesthetics clinic in your pharmacy the right move for you? Beth Gault talks to one Kent contractor who has already taken the plunge

Lloyds Pharmacy

Rachel Carter speaks to Chris Gabriel, healthcare assistant and skin adviser at LloydsPharmacy in Coventry, about the company’s free skin analysis service