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Clinical Ambassadors in Healthy living

Healthy living medical services can include alcohol reduction, smoking cessation and weight loss services. Over 60% of all smokers want to quit, whilst 23% of the UK population is now classed as obese, and both groups of patients are desperately looking for help. By setting up a smoking cessation service or a weight loss service in your pharmacy you can fill that gap in primary care, help those who need it and create an innovative way to help boost your own pharmacy income. Read below how your fellow contractors have been doing it.

M & A Weinronk

Andrew Weinronk speaks to Saša Janković about how his pharmacy is helping to improve the care of patients who have recently been discharged from hospital.

Pharmacy locum Simranjit Jhita talks to Saša Janković about the benefits of being a peripatetic IP.

Midhurst Pharmacy

Raj Rohilla, director and superintendent pharmacist at Midhurst Pharmacy in West Sussex, tells Saša Janković how the pandemic led to him setting up a blood pressure testing service.

Marsden Road Pharmacy

Tahir Patel speaks to Rachel Carter about Marsden Road Pharmacy’s smoking cessation service.

Whickham Pharmacy

Pharmacist and owner Mark Burdon talks to Saša Janković about adding a weight loss clinic to the suite of services on offer at his Whickham Pharmacy in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Lee Pharmacy

Al Patel speaks to Rachel Carter about his pharmacy’s weight loss service.

Maddyson Chan, a fourth year pharmacy student at Cardiff University, tells Saša Janković about her idea for a drug consultation service for people with a disability.

Victoria Park Pharmacy

Robin Mitchell, superintendent pharmacist at Victoria Park Pharmacy in Dorchester, talks to Saša Janković about running community-based smoking cessation services.

The Health Dispensary

Rachel Carter speaks to Ali Sparkes about her pharmacy’s weight loss service, which has been running since the mid 90s.

Jaysons Pharmacy

Rachel Carter learns about Jaysons Pharmacy’s warfarin monitoring service and how it’s helping patients stay healthier.

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