Avicenna has launched a prescription ordering app that enables customers to order and track repeat NHS prescriptions from their chosen pharmacy.

The app, called Manage My Meds, is already live in 18 of the independent pharmacy group’s own 45 pharmacies, with a phased rollout taking place over the next four weeks.

It is also being made available to Avicenna’s independent members, with plans to deliver the app to 30 members before Christmas and 30 per month after that.

‘We have a phased plan to make sure we support our members in developing and delivering their digital proposition,’ a spokesperson for Avicenna told the Pharmacist.

According to Avicenna, the app will also allow patients to securely message and book appointments with GPs and pharmacies, view their prescription history and medical notes, and offers the functionality to manage prescriptions for a whole family.

It is free to customers and available on iOS and Android, as well as a cross-platform web app, which ‘brings together the NHS, pharmacies and GPs to make it easy for patients to comprehensively manage their healthcare’, Avicenna said.

Jonathan Power, Avicenna’s CEO, said: ‘Manage My Meds is an integrated website and mobile app, designed in conjunction with NHS Digital, which makes it convenient for customers to manage their healthcare from the comfort of their own home.’

Rick Boyce, director at Infinity Works - which built the app - added: ‘It’s been great to build a digital platform with Avicenna, which has recognised the changing industry and climate as an opportunity to develop a cloud-based solution.’

The next stage of development for the app, which was first trialled in April, is to offer users the ability to have video consultations with pharmacists, Avicenna said.