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STI series: Marketing Chlamydia services


08 Apr 2016

Chlamydia Trachomatis is a bacterial virus and found in semen and vaginal fluids of those carrying the infection, writes sex and relationships therapist Emma Ziff.

This week as we examine the role of pharmacy in Chlamydia screening. Missed yesterday’s instalment? Click here

How to market the service

You will need to prominently display materials for patient to see, including local sexual health and Chlamydia testing materials.

These will include posters and leaflets. I also recommend placing information or having an article written in local newspapers and magazines about why a local service such as this is vital.

Always have to hand the following number for the Sexual Health Helpline if patients feel they would like further advice – 0300 123 7123.

The pharmacy staff will need to be trained if you are joining the programme.

It is important for them to be friendly, non-judgmental, patient and confidential, in alignment with the ‘You’re Welcome’ quality criteria.

Remember, the service will generate profit as there will be an increase in footfall by the younger generation in purchasing other goods.

More importantly, you are providing a well-needed service for the community.

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