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Parkinson’s Care: Hospital

17 Feb 2016

Community pharmacists can play a hugely important role in managing the medication routine of Parkinson’s in primary care, writes Suma Surendranath, professional engagement and education manager at Parkinson’s UK.

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Parkinson’s patients in hospital

In England, people over the age of 65 with Parkinson’s are three times more likely to have an unplanned admission to hospital than those over 65 without Parkinson’s.

Because of the need to maintain a highly specific medication routine, you can support people to prepare for a planned or emergency hospital admission as well as supporting their transition back into the community following discharge.

Ensuring your patients have an up-to-date list of their medication on them at all times with clear information about the preparation, dosage and timing is useful.

In addition, having some medication suitable for use in a hospital environment (for example: still in its original packaging) is helpful to ensure doses required early in an admission can still be taken.

Parkinson’s is a lifelong condition, however, with the right support there’s no reason why people who have Parkinson’s cannot enjoy a fulfilling life.

As a community pharmacist you have an integral role to play in supporting people with Parkinson’s to take control.

The UK Parkinson’s Excellence Network is a key resource for community pharmacists. To get involved visit

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