A new video campaign has been launched to encourage patients to accept appointments with healthcare professionals other than a GP, including practice pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

The Institute of General Practice Management’s (IGPM’s) ‘Right Care, First Time’ campaign aims to reduce ‘the burden’ on GPs and explain the benefit of utilising the experience of the full primary care team, including practice pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

‘You don’t always need to see a GP’ is the core message of the initiative which includes a video depicting someone telephoning a surgery and asking to see a GP about getting more of their regular medication.

However, instead of booking a GP appointment, the receptionist directs them to see a pharmacist.

In contrast, someone who has found a lump on their breast is booked in to see the GP by the receptionist.

The video also explains that ‘general practice is in crisis’ and that staff are adapting to help ensure patients receive the right care at the right time.

Kay Keane, practice manager in Manchester and director of the IGPM, commented: ‘We have so many highly skilled people in the practice and wider team that better suits all our patients' needs. GPs can then concentrate on the most unwell within our communities.’

Robyn Clark, a managing partner in South Gloucestershire and also a director of the IGPM, added: ‘By employing a multi-skilled team practices are able to help improve access for these other issues but keep GPs free to see patients that only they can see, which also helps maintain continuity for ongoing problems.

‘By assisting the reception staff, patients can get the right care, first time for their problem.’

The campaign video can be found here.