Bromley woman campaigns to open her Thamesmead pharmacy to 'save more lives' after NHS England rejection

A Bromley woman has started a petition to “save more lives” in the hope of opening her pharmacy in Thamesmead – after NHS England rejected two applications, This is Local London reports.

Chandra Patel, 59, owner of two Brownes Chemist stores in Abbey Wood, wants to add a third in Yarnton Way but has had two applications for a contract knocked back.

Mrs Patel did own a pharmacy in Tavy Bridge, Thamesmead, but it was closed down in 2012 after buildings were demolished.

However, due to high demand from residents and customers to open one again in the area, she has a store ready to go and just needs a contract from NHS England to sell prescription medication.

After being rejected twice in the past two years, Mrs Patel started a petition and has received hundreds of signatures so far.

Pharmacy offering advice for people concerned about alcohol during Dry January

According to Alcohol Concern, around 200,000 people arrive at work with a hangover every day and the over 45's are three times more likely to drink alcohol on a daily basis, the Western Gazette reports.

With Dry January seeing many give up alcohol for the month, Crewkerne Pharmacy is offering its services for advice about how best to manage drinking and its after effects.

Andy McKee, Manager of Crewkerne Pharmacy, said: "If you're unsure of how many units are in a glass of wine or a pint of beer, ask your pharmacist.

“We can help you make sense of alcohol units.”

Halifax pharmacist’s career “decimated” after he touched teenage girl’s leg

A qualified pharmacist and charity worker has had his career “decimated” following a conviction for sexually assaulting a teenage girl, the Halifax Courier reports.

A judge imposed a two-year conditional discharge on Adil Mahmood after saying that the 27-year-old has already suffered “immense punishment” for a few moments of madness.

Mahmood, who had no previous convictions, touched the 15-year-old complainant’s leg twice after picking her up in his white Audi.

The defendant was arrested after a local resident was woken by shouting and screaming.

NHS England to impost 20% sugar tax in hospital cafes T

he NHS is to impose its own "sugar tax" in hospitals and health centres in England to help tackle the growing problem of obesity, the BBC reports.

Chief executive Simon Stevens told the Guardian newspaper he was proposing a 20% tax on all sugary drinks and foods in NHS cafes to be introduced by 2020.

He said the NHS's 1.3 million staff had a "responsibility" to lead by example, and urged MPs to take similar action.

David Cameron has said he would not rule out a national sugar tax.

France drug trial: Brain-dead man dies in hospital

A man left brain-dead after an experimental drug trial in France has died, the BBC has reported.

He was one of six people being treated in hospital in the city of Rennes.

The hospital said the other five remained in a stable condition - four had "neurological problems" and the fifth had no symptoms.

Reports that the drug was a cannabis-based painkiller have been denied by the French health ministry.

The trial, which involved taking the drug orally and has now been suspended, was conducted by a private laboratory in Rennes.

Parents warned of swine flu risk after schoolboy diagnosed with the virus

A primary school pupil has been diagnosed with swine flu in Stoke-on-Trent, The Telegraph reports.

Parents at St Gregory's Catholic Academy, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent received a letter about the boy's condition on Wednesday.

The virus swept Britain in 2009 causing a number of deaths across the country and is believed to have killed 200,000 people worldwide.

The boy, who has not been named, has been removed from school to prevent other pupils catching the virus.

Flavoured e-cigarettes lure teenagers

Children are increasingly being lured into using electronic cigarettes by advertisements for chocolate and bubblegum flavours according to research that has prompted calls for tougher advertising restrictions, The Times has reported.

Teenagers were more likely to express an interest in buying e-cigarettes when shown posters for flavoured varieties, according to the research.

However they were no more likely to express an interest in smoking, allaying fears that vaping is renormalising tobacco.