A pharmacy service to help support patients taking complex medication combinations has begun in GP practices across Wyre Forest.

NHS Wyre Forest clinical commissioning group (CCG) has provided grants for GP practices that have employed pharmacists to ensure patients are taking the correct drugs and assist in taking them correctly.

The service is focused mainly on helping the frail and elderly and people who are most likely to be taking different combinations of medicines or visiting hospitals and GP practices regularly.

Chair of Wyre Forest CCG, Dr Simon Rumley, said: “This project has been excellent in displaying how using the right people with the correct skill set can ensure patients are taking the appropriate medicines for their condition.

“If we can help patients understand their medicine better they are more likely to take them both correctly and safely.

“For some patients, these checks [by a pharmacist] can avoid side effects and admissions to hospital.

“We plan to keep learning from this project together with our patients.”

The service was expanded after a successful pilot at Bewdley Medical Centre.