Numark pharmacy has received numerous calls about the status of Cavilon since the start of the year because of changes introduced by the manufacturer.

The wound barrier dressing has been mistaken as being either discontinued or disallowed as a prescription, due to 3M Healthcare reformulating the product and issuing a new product code.

A spokesperson for Numark said manufacturers must be more aware of how decisions affect both pharmacists and patients.

Head of information services at Numark, Gary Choo, said: “Manufacturers make what seem to be straightforward changes but have no consideration for the impact on pharmacists and ultimately patients.  This change has not been well communicated, which has caused confusion and concern. They really must engage with pharmacists ahead of changes and not after the event.

“The manufacturers have reformulated the product, but not to the extent that it has to be registered as a different product. This is a popular item and the change has confused a good proportion of pharmacists.”

Numark said it will contact 3M Healthcare to raise the issues and request it works more closely with pharmacists in future.