Ahead of the general election on 8 June, the three main political parties have released their manifestos, each with a specific mention of their plans for community pharmacy.

Labour's manifesto pledged to stop Government cuts to pharmacy funding, the Conservatives made a promise to support pharmacies in rural areas and the Liberal Democrats vowed to ensure that all areas had 'reasonable' access to pharmacy services.

Read on to find out what else the manifestos said.

Conservative Party
The Tory manifesto includes the following statements:

  • We will support pharmacies and village schools in rural areas. (page 26)
  • We shall support more integrated working, including ensuring community pharmacies can play a stronger role to keep people healthy outside hospital within the wider health system. (page 68)

Labour Party
The Labour manifesto includes the following statements:

  • 'And we will halt pharmacy cuts and review provision to ensure all patients have access to pharmacy services, particularly in deprived or remote communities.' (Page 66)
  • 'Labour will give communities more power to shape their town centres, by strengthening powers to protect Post Offices, community pharmacies, high street banks, sports clubs, pubs and independent shops, and promote measures to decrease high-street vacancies.' (Page 88)

Liberal Democrats
The Lib Dem manifesto includes the following statement:

  • 'Ensure that any changes to the way pharmacies are funded do not leave local areas without reasonable access to a community pharmacist.' (Page 21)

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'Positive impact of the campaign to promote pharmacy'

The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee's (PSNC) head of communications and public affairs, Zoe Seaton, said: 'We are pleased to note that community pharmacy has had a specific mention in all three of the major parties’ manifestos.

'This shows us the positive impact that the campaign to promote community pharmacy had last year, and we must continue that work to promote the sector to politicians and more widely.

'In the run up to the general election, Local Pharmaceutical Committees (LPCs) and pharmacy teams can help us to engage with candidates at a local level. The shared pharmacymanifesto.com website and PSNC’s own resources hub have information and resources to help them to do this.'