Eurovision style voting will determine which proposals for integrated models of care are successful.

Speaking yesterday, (18 February 2015), at the King’s Fund, it was announced 268 applications had been received to implement new care models by chief executive of NHS England (NHSE) Simon Stevens.

Stevens said the models of care were not being undertaken for its own value, but to deliver on the “triple aim” of improving health, improving equality of individual patient care and doing so in an efficient fashion.

The models of care would form part of the “triple integration” to increase the integration of primary and specialist, physical and mental and health and social care.

NHSE, third sector organisations and other candidates will decide who will be awarded a share of the £200m transformation fund.

Stevens said “they will be decided by Eurovision style voting.”

Of the applications received by NHS, 170 were for multi speciality community providers models - GPs working with specialist services - and 50 applications involved hospitals working with GPs and community services to form fully integrated services.

Stevens said it was “right” to have those who have submitted bids allowed to have a say in picking the successful applicants.

The schemes will begin on 1 April 2015.