Nearly 400,000 Covid booster appointments are available this week, giving people one last chance to book before the programme ends.

So far 15,000 people have booked their Covid vaccine next week, but the NHS said there are still 391,000 appointments available.

It is urging people who have not had theirs to book before the vaccination programme scales down.

Appointments are available at 2,800 sites across the country, giving everyone the opportunity to book a booster appointment if they have not already.

More than 17.3 million people have so far come forward for a booster throughout the winter.

Sunday, February 12 is the final day of the autumn booster campaign and will also be the final day that 16 to 49-year-olds who are not considered at risk, and who have only had a primary course, will be able to get a booster following updated JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation) advice, which recommended the offer ends in line with the current campaign.

The JCVI has recommended moving to a more targeted offer to those considered to be at risk of serious illness – as seen with the autumn campaign – and will set out further advice on future campaigns.

It has already advised that there should be another autumn vaccination campaign later this year, along with a potential spring campaign for the most vulnerable.  

The NHS Covid vaccination programme has delivered 144.5 million doses of the vaccine since Maggie Keenan became the first in the world to receive an approved jab in December 2020.

Steve Russell, NHS director of vaccinations and screening, said: "There is just one week left of the autumn booster campaign and so if you are eligible for a booster but have yet to take up your latest dose, please do so before the end of next week.

"Whether you have had previous doses or a bout of Covid, we know that a booster is the best way to maintain protection against serious illness from Covid for yourself and your loved ones, so please do make the most of the offer while it is available and give yourself both protection and peace of mind for the year ahead.

"NHS staff have worked really hard to deliver a combined 38 million flu and Covid doses this winter amid record pressures on emergency services, providing crucial protection and keeping thousands out of hospital, and they will be ready to stand up future campaigns with the same dedication and determination once new guidance is set out."

The NHS Covid vaccination programme will continue to run a smaller operation after February 12 allowing those yet to come forward for first, second or third doses if severely immunosuppressed, to book appointments.

The JCVI has also advised the primary course offer for healthy five to 49-year-olds should be withdrawn in 2023 in favour of a more targeted approach.

The health service is prepared to stand up future campaigns once JCVI advice is given and confirmed by the government on who will be eligible for Covid vaccines in future phases of the programme.