We welcome comment, articles, blogs/viewpoint articles from community pharmacists, for publication at thepharmacist.co.uk

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Are you willing to share your views and experience?

Please do get involved with The Pharmacist if you can write for us – for the benefit of colleagues across pharmacy. If you would like to write an article, please do get in touch to discuss your idea – key contacts at The Pharmacist are [email protected] (editor), [email protected] (news editor), [email protected] (senior reporter), [email protected] (clinical editor), and any of us would be happy to hear from you.

Opportunities to contribute include:

Opinion/viewpoint article/blog – We would like as many people as possible to share their views on current topics by writing for The Pharmacist. Do you have something to get off your chest? Your piece will be about 600 words in length and present a ‘call to action’ for pharmacy colleagues. What needs to change, in your view, and why, and how should that happen? Here is an example of an article of this type.

Comment on a news topic – Our news content is updated daily and we aim to include the perspectives of teams working in pharmacy practices in the majority of our stories. If you have anything to share with our news journalists on a topic being discussed today on the website or on social media, or have an idea for a news story that we could be writing about, please get in touch urgently: [email protected]

Clinical/How-to article – If you train, lecture, or regularly write about clinical practice and would be willing to share your expertise, please do get in touch: [email protected]

Clinical ambassador network – Are you running a successful private or commissioned pharmacy service and would like to share your learnings so that other pharmacies can set up the same? Join our clinical ambassador network. We have a list of short questions to ask you to help streamline the process. Here is an example of an article of this type.

Interview – Our journalists have capacity to carry out a number of interviews, where we would speak to you to gather information about a project or other initiative. To be considered for an interview, please contact [email protected]

Notes on the publication process

Thank you for writing for The Pharmacist. We will edit your article for style before publication and may come back to you with any questions before publication. Your article will be published online at thepharmacist.co.uk and will also be shared on social media. Publication assigns copyright to The Pharmacist and Cogora. We accept written articles for publication on the understanding that the wording of the article is exclusive to us (not previously published elsewhere so as to breach copyright) and has not been generated using an AI article writer tool. Please declare any relevant conflicts of interest.

Please do contact us before writing your article, to confirm that we are accepting articles on your chosen topic, ideally with a few bullet points telling us about the points you plan to cover.

Our invitation to write extends to anyone working in community pharmacy, in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. We want to hear your views and share your expertise and experiences to share across community pharmacy. Please get in touch.

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