Amr Sadiq is the pharmacist, and owner, of the Regent Pharmacy Practice in Clifton in Bristol. He has been a community pharmacist for 18 years and has owned the Regent Pharmacy for the past eight years.

In June, this year, he took the decision to install both an internal and window Healthpoint TV system at the store.Three months after the installation he took time out to discuss his decision and why he chose this route for his business.

Why did you become a pharmacist?

My story is probably very similar to many other pharmacists. My father was a highly respected community pharmacist and I was encouraged to follow him into the business. Fortunately, it is something I enjoy and am passionate about.

What made you decide to buy the Healthpoint digital tv system?
I contacted Healthpoint TV after receiving an email from my PGD provider and made a no obligations appointment to view the product. Post the demonstration I realised this is what I had been looking for.The hole left in our nances by the NHS cuts has to be lled and this can only be done by increasing counter sales and service uptake.

The Healthpoint TV system totally fulfils the marketing and promotional requirement for this to happen.It is professional, looks clean and good, gets the message across and it works. I have already recorded an uptake in both sales and services. We are promoting our business, our services and our products directly to the customers even when we are closed.

What is the most useful aspect of the system?

The most important thing is the TV is your TV. It plays what you want to promote. The adverts are all personalised with our branding and can be changed on at least a monthly basis. If we need to change more frequently then Healthpoint accommodate us.The playlist is changed within 72 hours although it is generally done within 24 hours.

Promotion of our u vaccination service and travel clinic is so easy to do using the medium. Furthermore, the content is downloaded locally so even if there was an internet failure the content will continue to play.

How easy is it to change content?

This is the best part of the system, you simply go online and submit what you require. I have also utilised a content planner to make sure I know what content I should have at any time of the year. The creative Healthpoint team, lead by Melanie, are always helpful and understand the message and style I want to get in our adverts.To reiterate again the adverts are personalised to your pharmacy and your brand.

Why did you get two screens?

I wanted to promote to our customers internally while waiting for prescriptions and the fact that we have a basement floor with lots more products for sale.

The window screen is our promotional tool to the outside both to customers passing by and the motor traffic.The window screen is a large 55” Samsung that is very Hi Bright and in portrait orientation. It has driven more business through our door than anything else we could have done.

Would you recommend Healthpoint tv to other independent pharmacy?

Totally, in these days of reducing NHS income and an ever-increasing need to diversify into new services and increase counter sales Healthpoint TV is an essential investment.

Next to having a shop refit nothing else will drive more business into your store. I urge all pharmacists to book a no obligation demonstration.What have you got to lose?