In the sixth installment of a six-part series, consultancy company Pharmacy Complete give you all the information you need to become a Healthy Living Pharmacy in just six weeks

One week to go

We've really enjoyed sharing your journey towards becoming a Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) and supporting you to arrive at this, the final week.

If you have not been accredited locally before and this is your first declaration, then this week is when you finally make your declaration to the Royal Society for Public health (RSPH).

This has to be done and confirmed by RSPH before claiming your HLP payment within the Quality Payments Scheme (QPS).

Please remember that when you have achieved HLP status, it is the start of a new healthier future for your pharmacy, one in which you can have a long-term impact on the health and wellbeing of your community. It is something to continue to build on and an achievement to be proud of.

Let us know when you have achieved HLP status either by e-mail or on social media; we would love to hear about your success.

Key actions this week:

  1. Review and collate your evidence

Visit the RSPH website and go through parts one, two and three to make your declaration - do this by 10 November

  3. Include a short description of the evidence you have collated

  4. Make sure the pharmacist making the declaration enters their correct General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) number and e-mail address to avoid any delay.

When you have confirmation of HLP accreditation from the RSPH (this can take up to two weeks) only then you can claim your QPS payment from NHS England

  6. Celebrate the achievement and think about how you can sustain and develop your work to deliver ongoing benefits to for both your community and your pharmacy