Boots has launched a private chickenpox vaccination service across 30 of its branches, it has announced.


The multiple is offering an in-store consultation and course of two vaccinations to patients aged between one and 65 years for £130 in branches across the UK, it revealed today (22 June)


The two vaccines cost £65 each and are administered six weeks apart by a pharmacists, taking roughly 20 minutes to complete, Boots said.


The service will also provide patients with self-management advice, it added.


The NHS offers chickenpox vaccinations to some people, including non-immune healthcare workers and those who come into contact with those with weakened immune systems.


Boots director of pharmacy services Asif Aziz said: ‘As the UK’s leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer, we are delighted to be able to offer the Boots Chickenpox Vaccination Service in 30 of our stores.


‘This is a fantastic example of where we are developing our pharmacy services offer in the UK, to ensure that we continue to be at the heart of the communities we serve.’