Boots has launched a recycling scheme for blister packs aimed at customers who cannot leave them for kerbside collection at home.

The initiative – which is an extension of the Recycle at Boots scheme – will see customers near participating stores drop off used blister packs for recycling in dedicated collection bins.

Blister packs, which are made of plastic and foil and commonly used for vitamins and medicines, cannot typically be recycled through household kerbside collections.

Boots said it hoped this new initiative will enable millions of used blister packs to be recycled and diverted from landfill over the next few years.

After the blister packs have been dropped off at Boots stores, they will be sent to recycling specialist MYGroup to be separated by machine.

The metal foil will be recycled conventionally, while the plastic will be reprocessed into a usable form, where possible, or made into a material called MYBoard to be used for construction, furniture and other uses.

As an incentive to participate in the scheme, Boots Advantage Card holders will receive 150 points when they recycle 15 empty blister packs and spend £10 or more in store.

Blister pack collection bins will be available at over 100 Boots stores initially and then rolled out more widely in the next 12 months.

Natalie Gourlay, head of environmental social governance at Boots, said: ‘We will be taking the learnings of this initial pilot on board as we look to roll the scheme out more widely within the next year.’

Recycle at Boots collection bins are available at over 700 stores across the UK. According to the company, over 3.1 million products have been recycled since it launched in 2020.