Community pharmacists must stop assuming GPs and clinical commissioning groups (CCG) know about pharmacy, according to Pharmacy Voice’s chief executive.

Rather than concentrating on being represented on CCG boards, pharmacists should ensure they are engaging with CCGs at the right level.

"We can't assume GPs and CCG board members know about pharmacy. I would want to know locally what local leadership is doing in relation to connecting with the CCG at all levels," Rob Darracott told The Pharmacist at yesterday’s (12 February 2015) Westminster Health Forum seminar on developing the role of the GP.

Darracott said pharmacists should focus on how to become part of the commissioning conversation.

“Whats the route in? Is there a local pharmacy that has a great relationships with a GP who's a clinical lead?” he said.

"Community pharmacists and contractors need to be on the backs on local leaders to make sure they’re engaging with who knows the right people and who is the most well informed."

“History shows pharmacy has always been excluded from organisations, and they've always had to work their way up and are never included."