The General Pharmaceutical Council published guidance on raising concerns, consent and maintaining clear sexual boundaries in February. The guidance follows a controversial regulatory inquiry into allegations that a pharmacist touched a patient inappropriately. Guidance on boundaries covers issues around mental capacity, cultural differences and chaperones.

In the same month, the GPhC published draft proposals on the regulation of premises, which were intended to create a less enforcement-based, rulebook approach to premises regulation. The proposed regulatory systems consists of a list of standards attached to five key principles that pharmacists are expected to achieve. It will be up to pharmacists how they achieve the standards, although the GPhC does make suggestions.

The GPhC also proposed cutting its annual renewal fees for pharmacists by £27 to £240, and for technicians by £12 to £108. Result of the consultation were due by June. Fees for both pharmacists and premises rose by 2 per cent last year.