Independent pharmacies have delivered more Covid vaccines than the pharmacy multiples, according to research by the National Pharmacy Association (NPA). 

Data released by the NPA and PharmData revealed 85% (521) of 610 pharmacy sites that administered vaccines in the UK between January and September 2021 were independents.  

By September last year, independent pharmacies had delivered 10.3 million vaccines compared with 1.1 million vaccines delivered by multiples, an NPA spokesperson told The Pharmacist.

Mark Lyonette, NPA chief executive, said: ‘These figures show us that flexible, locally engaged, entrepreneurial independent community pharmacies are making a huge contribution to the vaccine programme.’  

‘Our members have been a shining example of going above and beyond in the most challenging of circumstances to provide millions of Ccovid jabs, including boosters.  

‘Looking further forward, pharmacies will probably still be protecting people long after the mass vaccination centres have been wound down.’ 

Last week, the health secretary, Sajid Javid visited the Medicine Chest pharmacy in Chelsea, London, to thank pharmacy teams across the UK for their involvement in the vaccination programme. 

Pharmacy-led vaccine sites across England have also delivered one-third of all booster vaccines, as more sites continue to be commissioned.