NHS England will look into ‘reforming’ the way pharmacies are reimbursed in a bid to make ‘further efficiencies’, it has announced in a major NHS planning document.

It will ‘explore further efficiencies through reform of reimbursement and wider supply arrangements’, it announced in the NHS Long Term Plan, published today (7 January).

It did not specify what the reforms would look like. The Pharmacist has contacted NHS England for clarification.


‘Greater use’ of pharmacy


NHS England will also work with the Government to make ‘greater use of pharmacists’ skills’ to engage patients, the document said.

NHS 111 will be able to refer patients directly to community pharmacies that offer urgent care services from 2019, the document said.

It also referred to setting up pharmacy connection schemes within clinical commissioning groups

Again, it did not specify how these groups would work.

More to follow...