The Department of Health (DH) has confirmed to The Pharmacist that Steve Brine will be the new pharmacy minister, replacing David Mowat.

Mr Brine is the MP for Winchester & Chandler's Ford in Hampshire and was announced as one of the incoming health ministers in the cabinet reshuffle last week.

On 9 June Mr Brine was elected MP for Winchester & Chandler's Ford for the third time in seven years, with just over 50% of the vote.

Calls to review 'detrimental' cuts

Community pharmacist and member of Mr Brine's constituency, Everest Dike said: 'I would call on him to review the pharmacy cuts. They are very detrimental to everybody in the community.

'If he would do the sensible thing and reverse those cuts, it would be very beneficial to our patients,' he told The Pharmacist.

'We strive to give them the best service that we can but that cut has hurt and damaged us so much and is effecting everything we do.

'If anyone was to pretend that they didn’t know the damage those cuts have done, then they don’t live in this world.

'I would like to personally sit [Mr Brine] down and say that this was a very bad move. He should be aware of that.'

Mr Dike works alongside his pharmacy team in Colden Chemist in Winchester.