Part of The Pharmacist’s series of case studies on how the funding cuts are affecting ordinary pharmacists, a Cheshire contractor explains what effect they are having on his business

Edward Teggard – owner, Broomwood Pharmacy, Timperley, Cheshire

'It is becoming increasingly difficult to invest in resources to allow us to effectively deliver all the services.

‘Fortunately, we have increased dispensing volume and offset the reduction in funding. Some other pharmacies have reduced resourcing to a level where it has become difficult to offer a good service.

‘I continue to invest in my team and am implementing all commissioned services. I think it is vital to invest for the future. But we are all working very hard at the moment.

‘The impact hasn’t been worse than I expected. However, it has been made worse by recent market problems, which have created shortages of many drugs. Much of our time has been taken up just trying to source medications to fulfil scripts. We have tried to satisfy all of the requirements for the Quality Payments Scheme (QPS) and are implementing healthy living pharmacy requirements.

‘I am apprehensive about the future. I am confident there is much that pharmacy can deliver and that we can make more of a difference. However, I am less confident that we will be able to secure sufficient funding to enable us to deliver these programmes effectively. I think it is important for all pharmacy bodies to work together to realise the potential of pharmacy.’

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