Community pharmacy will continue to supply influenza vaccinations in 2017/18, the Department of Health (DH), Public Health England (PHE), and NHS England have confirmed in their annual flu letter.

The national flu immunisation programme plan for 2017/18 has set out a ‘coordinated and evidence-based’ approach to planning for and responding to the demands of influenza across England.

In the coming year, all school-aged children in reception class and Years 1 to 4 will be offered flu vaccination under the NHS. However, children will not be eligible to access their flu vaccination under the community pharmacy national flu service as this service is only for eligible adults aged 18 years and over.

Alastair Buxton, PSNC Director of NHS services said: ‘The significant growth in the number of people vaccinated by pharmacies during the 2016/17 season has demonstrated the ongoing popularity of this service with patients and the positive impact it is having for the NHS.

‘It is therefore entirely sensible that NHS England has decided to continue commissioning the service in 2017/18, however no discussions on the contractual requirements or funding have yet taken place with PSNC.’