Community pharmacists in England delivered almost one million flu vaccinations last winter.
Over 950,700 flu vaccinations were administered in English community pharmacies under the national NHS Flu Vaccination Service in 2016/17, according to information published by the NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA).
Over 8,000 pharmacies (71.2% of all community pharmacies in England) took part in the sheme for last winter, providing an average of 113 injections each.The NHS BSA has published the Advanced Service Flu Report 2016/17, detailing the community pharmacy contractors who signed up to provide the service, as well as the NHS England area, vaccines administered, and drug and fee costs.

Although the average number of vaccinations carried out by each participating pharmacy was 113, one contractor vastly exceeded this by completing over 1,000 vaccinations.

Compared to the 2015/16 flu season, the NHS BSA figures show that the total number of flu vaccinations administered this year was 355,298 higher with 1,256 more contractors having provided the service.