The sector has taken to social media after the unexpected result of last night's snap general election.

Prime Minister Theresa May received permission from the Queen this afternoon (9 June) to form a government after striking a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) following the Conservative Party's failure to secure an overall majority.

'A surprise'

Pharmacy minister, the Conservative MP David Mowat, lost his seat in Warrington South, prompting some pharmacists to take to Twitter to express their opinion on the results.

The Pharmacist has contacted the Department of Health (DH) for comment on Mr Mowat's loss of seat.

'Pleased' to see Mowat go


Will cuts be reversed?

Others suggested that the Conservatives lost support due to the party's treatment of the NHS.

Recent cuts to English community pharmacy funding were overseen by a Conservative government, although the party's manifesto pledged to support pharmacies in rural areas and increase the sector's role in relieving pressure on hospitals.

The Labour party's manifesto was the only one to pledge to reverse the cuts, while the Liberal Democrat's manifesto promised that any changes to funding would not result in areas being left without a pharmacist.

The Pharmacist has contacted the DH over what the election results could mean for pharmacy.

Pharmacist Adam Plumridge told The Pharmacist that he did not see the cuts being reversed, but that the time is right for the sector to 'regroup' and carry on fighting for its message to be heard.



Commenting on the results, chief officer for Doncaster, Rotherham and Nottinghamshire LPCs Nick Hunter, said: 'I think it will probably make May even more head strong and determined to push on with the cuts.

'I doubt Mowat losing his seat will make much difference especially if May stays in,' he added.

'Over all though the results will mean more uncertainty and more change is likely so the turmoil will continue. This is very bad for community pharmacies because they can't properly plan,' Mr Hunter said.

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