PSNC’s judicial review of the Government’s decision to cut community pharmacy funding will be heard alongside a case brought by the NPA in March.

PSNC was granted permission for a judicial review against the cuts by the High Court in December.

The case was originally due to be heard in February, but has been pushed back so that it can be heard alongside the NPA’s legal challenge to the cuts.

The DH now has “time to prepare” for both cases due to the March timing, PSNC said.

PSNC said its case was brought on the grounds that it believes there was no lawful consultation on the cuts proposals. It believes the DH used “poor data” that it did not disclose as a basis for its decision, as opposed to updating “existing high quality data”, it said.

On the other hand, the NPA’s case focuses on “arguments that the Secretary of State failed to properly discharge his Public Sector Equality Duties and failed to appreciate community pharmacy’s wider healthcare role”, according to PSNC.