The first ready-to-use presentation of Phenlephrine has been launched at a "significantly" lower price for the NHS than the current products on the market.

UK-based company Martindale Pharma have announced their release of Phenylephrine, a new strength of the selective vasopressor drug for the treatment of hypotension associated with anaesthesia.

The medication is now available in a 10ml ampoule at a strength of 0.1mg/ml to allow for accurate dose dispensing.

Previously Phenylephrine was only available as a 10mg/ml in 1ml ampoules, to be diluted prior to use.

Martindale Pharma’s Phenylephrine can be given as an intravenous bolus injection or as a continuous infusion without the need for dilution.

Michael Clark, Chief Marketing Officer of Martindale Pharma, commented: “We are pleased with this positive addition to this well-known Phenylephrine range.

"Our novel presentation removes the need to dilute the drug prior to use allowing for more accurate dose dispensing resulting in both time and cost savings for the NHS.

"Our NHS price is also significantly lower than the “concentrate” product."

Martindale Pharma has licensed exclusive rights to a range of Phenylephrine products for the UK and Gulf Co-Operation Council Countries from Unimedic AB, Martindale Pharma’s strategic partner for Scandinavia.

This particular product joins the range of cardiovascular drugs within Martindale Pharma’s Emergency Care portfolio.