Cialis Together (containing 10mg tadalafil citrate) will be available to purchase from pharmacies, if marketed, allowing men over 18 who have erectile dysfunction to buy it without prescription, the MHRA has announced.

‘This decision was made following a reassuring assessment of the safety of Cialis Together and advice from the Commission on Human Medicines,’ the regulatory agency explained.

Dr Laura Squire, MHRA’s chief officer for healthcare, quality and access, said: ‘This decision is good news for men’s health. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction will be able to obtain this treatment safely and conveniently from their local pharmacy without a prescription, which not only gives them greater control over their choices but increases awareness of erectile dysfunction.

‘Erectile dysfunction can be a debilitating condition, so it’s important men feel they have fast access to quality and legitimate care.

‘We will continue to listen to and engage with patients to improve access to a wide range of medicinal products when it is safe to do so.’

Products for the treatment of erectile dysfunction have been available to purchase in pharmacies since 2018, when Viagra Connect (sildenafil 50 mg tablets) was first reclassified with pharmacy legal status.

The MHRA says Cialis Together is also used to treat erectile dysfunction in similar patient groups and has a similar safety profile.

If marketed, Cialis Together will be sold from pharmacies following a discussion with the pharmacist. Pharmacists will be able to determine whether treatment is appropriate for the patient and can give advice on erectile dysfunction, usage of the medicine, potential side effects, and if further consultation with a general practitioner is required.

Cialis Together will not be sold to those with severe cardiovascular disorders; at high cardiovascular risk; severe kidney or severe liver failure; or taking certain interacting medicines. Use of Cialis Together in these groups of men must continue to be under the supervision of a doctor.

Cialis Together will be available through pharmacies without a prescription with a maximum dose of one tablet each day, and a maximum pack size of 8 tablets. Other medicines containing tadalafil will still be available to obtain on prescription.