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‘Millennials’ receive worst asthma care in UK, charity reveals

By Beth Kennedy

23 Jan 2019

Those aged 18-29 are the most likely to suffer an asthma attack and least likely to receive life-saving asthma care than any other age group, research has revealed.

Two-thirds (67%) of so-called ‘millennials’ are not receiving basic asthma care– higher than any other age group – a survey of more than 10,000 asthma patients by the charity Asthma UK revealed.

Patients in this age group are also twice as likely to receive emergency asthma care than patients aged over 60, the charity said.

Almost a third (28%) did not attend their asthma review, with 12% saying they could not book this with their GP.

Younger people could also be more likely to suffer an asthma attack because of the turbulent housing market because poor-quality housing containing mould and damp ay exacerbate symptoms, Asthma UK said.

National guidelines state that basic asthma care for patients includes a personalised action plan explaining how to manage the condition day-to-day, a yearly asthma review and being taught the correct inhaler technique.

Asthma UK’s director of research and policy Dr Samantha Walker said: ‘Millennials are getting a raw deal, with the worst asthma care of any age group. As a result, thousands needed emergency care for their asthma last year and were at risk of dying from an asthma attack.

‘This could be avoided if they received the basic care they should be getting and if they were better engaged to manage their own health.’

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