The National Association of Women Pharmacists (NAWP) will cease to exist by the end of 2019, it announced yesterday (6 May).

Formed in 1905, the NAPW represents women pharmacists' interests such as continual professional development (CPD) and career development.

The decision to dissolve the group after 114 years was made 'with considerable regret' at its annual general meeting last week (30 April), it said.

The NAPW said on its website that its dissolution 'will mean the loss of a well-informed entity within pharmacy that has cared whether women thrive within the profession and whether health services provide female patients with what they need'.

It added: 'The NAWP has been aware for several years that it could not continue to operate in its existing form because of numerous societal changes. It has faced the same challenges as many membership organisations, particularly those that cannot abandon their raison-d’etre. Quite understandably, despite sentiments of support, they fall victim to busy lives, a monetarising culture and short-termism.

'The NAWP will wind up its activities over the remainder of the year and hopes to find ways for continuity of involvement with European Women Pharmacists Meetings, Athena Swan programmes in schools of pharmacy, and heritage functions.'