Pharmacist passes praise on to team after health award nomination

Humble Jaz Singh was keen to pass on the praise to his excellent team after he was nominated for a health award, the Hartlepool Mail reports.

The man who founded and set up the Penshaw Pharmacy in Penshaw has been described as down to earth, and someone who would go to any lengths to help others.

His caring attitude his won him a nomination for a Sunderland Echo Health Award.

But Jaz, originally from Teesside and who set up the pharmacy in September 2012, said: “It’s the team that works with me that makes this possible.”

Big pharma sees future for digital tools in healthcare

Every year in the US, about $13bn is spent on treatments for many of the estimated one in 10 children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, the Financial Times reports.

This usually involves a prescription of stimulant drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin, which have stirred controversy over their risks and benefits.

But what is these could be replaced, at least in some cases, by a non-pharmacological alternative?

Akili Interactive Labs is a Boston-based start-up developing mobile video games to treat ADHD and other neurological conditions including autism, depression, Alzheimer’s disease and traumatic brain injuries.

700,000 sign petition for meningitis vaccination

Public clamour for all children to be inoculated against meningitis grew yesterday, with a petition calling for the vaccination programme to be implemented attracting the most signatures in parliamentary history, The Times reports.

The swell of support for the programme was prompted by images of Faye Burdett, aged two, dying on Valentine’s Day from meningitis B, after having fought the illness for 11 days.

The campaign had gained about 900 signatures until the pictures were released last week. By last night the petition had been backed by 665,000 people, with hundreds signing up each hour.

NHS could be part-privatised if UK and EU agree controversial TTIP trade deal, expert warns

Parts of the NHS might have to be privatised if the controversial TTIP trade deal between the European Union and the United States is signed, according to a legal expert, the Independent reports.

The advice, which was commissioned by the Unite Union, was drawn up by Michael Bowsher QC, a former chair of the Bar Council’s EU law committee, the Guardian reported.

The Government has also received legal advice on the issue but has refused to publish it despite freedom of information requests.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) could become an issue in June’s EU referendum, particularly among left-wing voters.