Paracetamol tablets recalled over fungal contamination fears


By Costanza Pearce

13 Jun 2019

Certain batches of paracetamol 500mg tablets made by the manufacturer M & A Pharmachem are being recalled due to fungal contamination.

Discoloured tablets have been detected in a small number of pots from two batches that have been contaminated with Penicillium citrinium and Penicillium brevicompactum, said the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulation Agency (MHRA) today (13 June).

It is ‘unlikely’ that any affected tablets will have reached patients as the discolouration is ‘noticeable’ when the pack is opened, the medicines watchdog stressed.

However, pharmacists should stop dispensing the affected batches immediately, quarantine them and return all the remaining stock to the supplier within 48 hours, the MHRA said.

The affected batches can be viewed here.

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