Scandal-hit online dispensary Pharmacy2U has unveiled a “visionary” £3.5m state-of-the-art prescription fulfilment facility that can process one million items each month.

The move to the new premises resulted in dispensing disruption for patients of the UK’s largest NHS-approved virtual pharmacy over the Christmas period after the company announced weeks of delivery delays.

The troubled pharmacy was previously fined £130,000 by the Information Commissioner's Office for unlawfully selling the personal details of 21,500 patients and customers to third party companies, including one that was under investigation for fraud.

Now the company that piloted the electronic prescription service has revealed its new 30,000 square foot facility in Leeds.

Managing director, Daniel Lee, said: "This bold new investment will take our business to the next level.

“It is in line with the NHS' aim of increasing the availability of new types of pharmacy service and it could also benefit the wider community pharmacy sector by providing new capacity to support the introduction of more hub and spoke operations.”

The site, designed by Pharmacy2U with support from warehouse management software and logistics supplier, Logistex, boasts the latest automation and logistics technologies and has resulted in 63 new jobs being created.

Jerry Woodhouse, managing director for Logistex, said: "This automated pharmaceutical dispensing system represents a technological advance not previously deployed in the UK.

“Pharmacy2U has been visionary in its strategy to embrace the latest automation systems and technology to deliver the highest levels of security, service and operational efficiency."

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