A Boots pharmacy has been left badly damaged after a Porsche crashed into its shopfront earlier this week.

The sports car ended up inside the Boots branch in Wimborne Place in Daventry, Northamptonshire after the collision at around 7.55pm on Tuesday (10 May), Northamptonshire Police have said.

‘No one was injured thankfully, and no offences committed,’ they added.

However, according to Boots UK, the incident ‘resulted in damage to the store entrance’.

Boots UK could not confirm if or when the store would reopen.

In the meantime, patients have been redirected to a nearby Boots store in Bowen Square.

‘We would like to reassure our patients that they will still be able to collect prescription medicines from our Bowen Square store,’ a spokesperson for the multiple said.

Some staff remain on site to support customer queries and dispense prescriptions made before the collision.