Alcohol and sugar must be addressed “early on” by the new government, said NHS England chief executive, Simon Stevens.

It is claimed the relative price of alcohol has dropped 48% between 1980 and 2010.

Speaking at the King’s Fund yesterday, (18 February 2015), Stevens said “alcohol and sugar is one of those debates we really need the new government to address early in the next government.

“We will want the next government to take a very clear look at this and wanting the health service to stand up and be counted in those debates - recognising the huge impact alcohol and alcohol induced demand has on the cost of the health service.”

More information on the diabetes prevention programme, mentioned in the Forward View, that NHSE are working on with Public Health England, will be revealed next month.

Tobacco was still the single largest killer in the country, and explains half of the class-based inequality in life expectancy, according to Stevens. “Much more” was needed to be done but he commended progress made on plain packaging of cigarettes.

Stevens also said he hoped to make an announcement on the diabetes prevention programme mentioned in his Forward View being introduced in conjunction with Public Health England next month.