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Webinar series to improve maternal and child health launched

02 Feb 2015

A series of webinars to help pharmacists improve the health of mothers and children will be launched this month. 

At an executive board meeting, the World Health Organisation said maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) “has not progressed as well as it would have liked”.
In order to improve MNCH-targeted health services, four webinars will be set up to educate pharmacists around the world on how to care for this group.
The webinars will focus on topics such as childhood health and  postnatal and infancy health.
Executive Committee member at the International Pharmaceutical Federation community pharmacy section (FIP CPS), Jaime Acosta Gómez, said: “Decreases in morbidity and mortality have been noteworthy but fall well short of the 2015 targets. Community pharmacists are well positioned as promoters, facilitators and implementers of good MNCH since pregnant women, babies and children are in daily contact with them. 
“The CPS believes that pharmacists could contribute even further if they are empowered to work within the full scope of pharmacy services appropriate in their country. In some countries, for instance, pharmacists are providing essential vaccinations for children.” 
All pharmacists worldwide are invited to take part in the webinars, which begin from the 18 February 2015. 

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