Thousands of high-risk asthma patients were identified as a result of   the Quality Payment Scheme (QPS), NHS data has revealed.

Data published by NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA) showed that 11,020 pharmacies – out of the 11,410 that took part in the QPS – identified around 12,500 high-risk asthma patients before referring them for review.

‘Phenomenal engagement’

Commenting on the findings, Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) director of NHS services Alastair Buxton said: ‘Congratulations to pharmacy teams and Local Pharmaceutical Committees (LPCs) on the phenomenal engagement with the Quality Payments Scheme (QPS) as reflected by the declaration data over the two review periods.

‘We are delighted to see such high levels of participation; the data published today is a testament to their hard work and commitment to continuously improving the quality of the services they provide to patients and the public.

Of all the pharmacies that made a declaration across both review points in April and November 2017, 7,981 contractors achieved maximum points for each quality criteria.

QPS declaration 

To be eligible for the scheme, pharmacies had to meet certain gateway criteria, including providing at least one specified advanced service, have an up-to-date NHS Choices profile, and use and NHSmail and Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).

Payments are made depending on how many quality criteria contractors meet, based on a point system. Each point is worth £64, with a maximum of 100 points to be earned.

PSNC said that it has been holding discussions with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and NHS England about ‘transitional arrangements for 2018/19, including QPS’.

It said that an announcement would be expected ‘shortly’.