The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) will recoup what it considers to be an £86m overpayment on concessionary prices from pharmacists, it has suggested.


In report by Government auditors the National Audit Office (NAO) released today (8 June), the DHSC said its analysis showed that the 708 concessionary prices it granted in 2017-18 were set ‘higher that necessary’ above wholesalers’ prices, which resulted in an additional £86.3m in costs.


It expects this sum will be ‘recouped in subsequent years through the established reimbursement mechanisms’, the NAO said in its report.


The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) told The Pharmacist it ‘does not recognise’ the £86.3m quoted in the NAO's report.


Following questioning by The Pharmacist, the DHSC would not be drawn on how exactly the money will be recouped.


However, it pointed out that overpayment on concessionary prices would contribute towards the medicines margin, which is set at £800m per annum. If the DHSC's medicines margin survey indicates that anything over this sum has been paid, these costs will be recouped via lower payments to pharmacists for category M medicines.