Pharmacists have taken to Twitter in protest over bad stock photos of their peers wearing white coats and stethoscopes among glaring blunders.

The outraged community expressed its anger and anguish over terrible stock photos representing them, using the hashtag #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob on the social media platform.

The wave of rebellion comes after pharmacists have finally had enough of seeing themselves pictured with their arms crossed, wearing white lab coats and constantly smiling at medication boxes.


'I can't deal with the flaws'

In one case, the experience was so traumatising that one pharmacist said their brain could not 'deal with all the flaws' anymore.



What's with all the white coats?

A common frustration was the proliferation of stock photos of pharmacists wearing white coats – despite not being worn by UK pharmacists in years.



Why so happy?

Other pharmacists picked up on how many stock photo pharmacists seem to really enjoy looking at medication boxes.



Something to hide?

And here's yet another photo of a pharmacist wearing the dreaded white coat.



Pharmacists deserved to be taken seriously and respected.

We're calling on stock photo agencies to review their standards and strongly recommend them to visit a pharmacy to get a better idea of what a pharmacist really looks like.


We'll leave you with this bad stock photo