Superdrug has launched a new pharmacy skin advice and treatment service which will be rolled out across various stores in the coming weeks.  

The new service will offer free walk-in skincare consultations, self-care advice, treatment recommendations and – if appropriate – will help people manage their skin concerns.  

Pharmacists will also be able to supply certain prescription only medicines for mild to moderate acne and eczema flare-ups, if clinically appropriate.  

Superdrug said it hoped this service would make it more accessible for people to get skincare advice given the demand currently facing GPs and primary care.  

Caris Newson, head of healthcare services at Superdrug, said: ‘At Superdrug we are passionate about helping people feel confident in their own skin. Building on our Digital Skincare Assessment service through our Online Doctor, our new Pharmacy Skin Advice and Treatment Service allows people to go to their high street pharmacy, without an appointment, and be seen by a trained professional.   

‘We want to make it as easy and convenient as possible to get professional advice and support for common skin conditions. As our research has shown, skin conditions can unfortunately have a huge impact on an individual’s self-esteem.  

‘Our new service will hopefully go some way in giving people an easy and convenient way to get professional help, advice or treatment for their skin, simply by visiting their local high street Superdrug pharmacy.’ 

Superdrug has also launched an awareness and education campaign to help those whose self-esteem is affected by their skin.  

It follows an announcement earlier this year which said that most community pharmacies in England would be able to offer a new Hypertension Case-Finding service as an advanced service from October.