Superdrug has announced the launch of a health screening service across its 72 nurse-led health clinics across the UK.  

The service, which will cost £139, will provide patients with ‘a quick and extensive health check’ from a nurse and include a blood test and assessment.  

Patients can book their own appointment online, but the multiple is also trailing a walk-in service at Superdrug’s Manchester Denton health clinic.  

The service was launched in response to research conducted by Superdrug which, according to the multiple, ‘exposed a severe lack of understanding when it comes to personal health issues and how to prevent or solve them’.  

The trial hopes to ‘increase accessibility for people’ with a view to ‘rolling it out to further clinics if successful’, the multiple said in a statement published yesterday (10 January).  

The health screening will involve checking patients’ blood against ‘44 common health markers’, including blood sugar, iron and vitamin levels. It will also make assessments on their liver health, cholesterol status and kidney health. 

Results will then be sent to patients via their online accounts.  

Superdrug’s health check is available for patients aged 16 years and above at all of their health clinics with an offer of £139 until the 25 January 2022. 

Michael Henry, healthcare director at Superdrug said: ‘With ​​the NHS under significant strain over the coming weeks, we’re committed to looking at how our nurses can provide services that support people’s health needs.’ 

Dr Sara Kayat, Superdrug’s medical ambassador added: ‘Health checks are very useful in flagging up early risk factors for conditions like stroke, heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease. The ethos of attending health checks is that prevention is better than cure.’  

In November, Superdrug launched a healthcare delivery service that delivered medicines to customers’ doors within two hours.